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The Hardest Part


The Hardest Part

It's easy to say that the hard part is standing up and starting, sure it is and often for most of us, but today I really want to say is that the hard part is the time it takes once we get moving.

Its showing up every single hour of the day, every single day of the week and month, its showing up in the middle. When no one is watching, listening, when the zeal of the start has worn off. When its actually about showing up and doing the work and getting things done.

Its about showing up when you earlier thought that this is it and later found out that no, its actually this, not that.

The hard part is that you keep going no matter what.

The hard part is to stay put when the outcome of hustle is very small and it doesn't really feel incremental at all. Its about knowing when to go full gas and when to stop, take a step back and relax, reflect, regain, focus and go on with it again.

And to know that its all about the process, the experiment, and that no one is going to teach you any better but this very journey that you have embarked yourself on, with all your honesty. The hard part is about knowing that no teacher, no e-book, tutorial will give you such real life insights but this sacred journey.

The hard part is to know that its never all shiny most of the days, its like pushing hard and hard even if you don't feel like. Because that's what separates the best from the rest.

 Its the realization that there is no escape from the boring, from the monotonous hours to put into the hard zone of work. Its about not being shying away from the tough.

The internet, the media makes it looks so easy peasy, because no one really talks about how they went through all these grinding moments while they reach at the end of the journey, and even if they talk about it, it looks like a piece of cake, a lovely adventure like a reality TV show.

Loving the hard part is going to make all the difference, loving the hard part is the actual road less traveled. If you want to make it you will be in for the hard in one way or the other, so love it, cherish it make the best of it and shine through like a star.

Fear, discomfort and uncertainty is all part of the package, they are till there even when things look fun and play. They are there like a gentle reminders and the hard part here is to stand firm take a deep breath and do it anyway.

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