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Keep Perspective

Keep Perspective Most of the setbacks we think are disasters turn out to be blessings, in hindsight. I have faced things in my life that seem so painful at first. Thought its the very end. But with time, those evolved into the very things that made me strong and end up the best lessons and […]

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Book Review: Making Ideas Happen.

The book is organized broadly into three areas: Organization and Execution, Community, and Leadership Capability. This is book is good for you if you you are: 1. Independent Creative Working for yourself (freelancer) or from home or on contractual basis. 2. Managing team of creatives working on one or a broad spectrum of different technologies/products/projects. […]

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The Curse of Facebook

The Curse of Facebook During the year 2015, the only thing that I did with full dedication was cycling around Islamabad, its beautiful hills and the surroundings. Mostly solo and at times with groups. A part from that and after much thought and reflection, I have come to this conclusion that most of my time […]

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My new website, and the journey of creation

From Trial and Error to Mastering the Art of Design, My journey so far. Welcome to my new website, where I, Naved Ahmed, share my journey as a designer and photographer based in Islamabad. It was back in 2006, during my second year of design school when I first created my online portfolio website. I […]

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