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I implore you to live. Not because I’m some master of it, but because you and I know what awaits on the other side. I implore you to live because inaction wields an undertow. Without a passion, without a willingness to metaphorically climb as hard as you can, while you can, you may find yourself […]

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Race for the Top – TDK 19

Tour de Khunejrab 2019 Due to Coronavirus Pandemic, many global racing events were called off, the fate of TDK 2020 seems the same, with rumors for the race being held later this year in October, which is something far from reality, considering harsh weather conditions up north. With the ideal months behind us, let’s rewind […]

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First time in Skardu

Last year in September I visited Skardu for the first time, I’ve always been semi-scared of flying to the north which is why I’ve been hesitant to fly before, but it was 100 % worth it. We were there to officially cover and shoot a documentary about Sarfaranga Desert Rally and decided to stay for […]

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Golden Affair

Being a local, I find myself trekking up to the hills, passing through the same places, walking past the same views regularly. Its a routine to hike through the moments which could otherwise occupy me for a short period. If we linger a bit long it becomes a battle against time and becomes risky for […]

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