My new website, and the journey of creation

From Trial and Error to Mastering the Art of Design, My journey so far.

Naved Ahmed on the field photograhing a medical camp at the outskirts of Islamabad, with Payaam Foundation back in July 2010 - Picture Courtesy of Fawad Hassan

Welcome to my new website, where I, Naved Ahmed, share my journey as a designer and photographer based in Islamabad. It was back in 2006, during my second year of design school when I first created my online portfolio website. I took on every project that came my way, often working for free or for very little pay, just to build up my portfolio.

As I delved deeper into the world of graphic design, I found that there were thousands of tutorials available on the internet, but they didn’t provide me with the practical experience I needed to tackle real-life client problems. So, I learned through trial and error, experimenting on part-time jobs, and discovering new techniques in practice.

Years later, I began to learn more about the art of design and realized that many of the things I had discovered on my own were actually covered by conventional design rules. I wish I had known about these rules earlier in my academic training, but I am grateful for the experience I gained through real-life projects and clients.

In this new blog, I want to share anything that I have found to be useful in my work as a creative designer and photographer, as well as my other interests such as cycling, running, and mountain exploring. I’ll also share my work process and how I design, photograph, and create things.

I am still learning new things every day, and I understand that not everyone will agree with everything I say or believe. I hope we can have open discussions and find new common ground to learn from each other. Let’s take this journey together and learn as much as we can.

Welcome to my new website.