First time in Skardu

Last year in September I visited Skardu for the first time, I’ve always been semi-scared of flying to the north which is why I’ve been hesitant to fly before, but it was 100 % worth it. We were there to officially cover and shoot a documentary about Sarfaranga Desert Rally and decided to stay for 7 nights so we could experience as much as possible.

We stayed in PTDC – Motel (Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation) and although we didn’t spend much time there we were very happy with the location, fairly close to the Indus River and the more scenic areas of the river and around.

Though mostly we were busy covering the events and the festivities, even with all the chaos and tough routine, we have loads of images and videos captured.

Meanwhile, enjoy these images from our trip.

Flying Over the Mighty Karakorams
Playing hide and seek
Just about the right elevation
The beautiful Valley
World’s Cold Desert, “Sarfaranga”
Nissan Patrol
Desert Rally starting point
The Desert
The Desert II
There is something special about sunsets and rises over at mountains in Skardu
Qasim at Blind Lake
As I mentioned earlier, the sunsets are majestic in Skardu
Majestic Sun Setting
Just a tinge of light
Game of lights
Every passing minute has its own landscape view
The light is clean, crisp, and shiny, every minute showcases the best of the nature
Not to be missed the beautiful Pines surrounding Shangrila Resort
The beautiful but overrated Shangrila Resort
Qasim and Faisal

Skardu belongs to a different breed of mountains, the kind which I have not experienced earlier in KPK or in and around Gilgit. The mountains here are more grandeur, awe-inspiring, and majestic. At first, they make you feel very little, then they open up and push you away with a strange terrifying, and haunted feeling, gradually they grow on you sip all the noise out of your head, and leave you with a clear mind.

Skardu I will see you again soon.