Golden Affair

Being a local, I find myself trekking up to the hills, passing through the same places, walking past the same views regularly. Its a routine to hike through the moments which could otherwise occupy me for a short period. If we linger a bit long it becomes a battle against time and becomes risky for obvious reasons. I have walk through this magnificent view many times, not just walk but rode up this road as well, i can’t count how many times, yet every time i cross, even the slightest of glimpses never cease to amaze me.

This time I decided to have a look at it through my lens, not just the cell phone. It was part lucky part tricky, the angle couldn’t be more perfect, The Pillars of Faisal Mosque aligned, without any post work, for this is being in harmony with nature, perfect light, perfect angle and the every amazing view.

The Golden Hour – View from Margallah Hills, Islamabad – Pakistan
Pre Gold Era, As viewed from Margallah Hills, Islamabad – Pakistan.

Above are my take of the cliche, yet it always amazes, every time with different feel, a new thought and story.

The Mountains and the Golden Ball.

No words can describe, the crisp cold air, the warmth of the sun, the view and the hiss of the Pines.

A Post Card from the Wild Truth.

An affair so golden yet never really put to words and thought, a view which I saw frequently in my mini local expeditions, now captured in an infinite. There are lots of opportunities which appear for and to us, with many reasons why we give them a chance or not.