Keep Perspective

Margallah Hills, Photo by: Naved Ahmed

Keep Perspective

Most of the setbacks we think are disasters turn out to be blessings, in hindsight. I have faced things in my life that seem so painful at first. Thought its the very end. But with time, those evolved into the very things that made me strong and end up the best lessons and takeaways. One thing that helps us is our ability to make decisions. Decisions are very important. Indecision delays the solutions, which leads to anxiety, frustration and depression.

So I did some inner work around perspective today, only focused on the good, smiled, took my time and decided. I made the hard decision today. Right after i felt weightless, as if there is no gravity. things gradually fell into perspective.

I asked myself a simple question: “Will this matter a year from now?”

I got my answer, what about you?