I implore you to live. Not because I’m some master of it, but because you and I know what awaits on the other side. I implore you to live because inaction wields an undertow. Without a passion, without a willingness to metaphorically climb as hard as you can, while you can, you may find yourself drowning in the emptiness, taken away by a sea of unanswered questions. I implore you to obsessively follow, to feverishly chase, and to ruthlessly attack your dreams. It’s all you have, it’s all any of us have

Written at my first encounter with rakaposhi back in may 2018

Sharing this note on this International Mountain Day, We were in Gilgit for coverage of the first edition of Tour De Khunjerab Cycling Race 2018. It was a cold morning in May, I was out early with my team for reiki, saw this might in its full glory and might. I Stand there in cold, with my hands shivering as was not used to such cold especially in warmer months, I stared and felt as if Rakaposhi is doing the same. We were both quite not saying much, then these thoughts came to my mind as if the mountain whispered these into my ears.