The Curse of Facebook


The Curse of Facebook

During the year 2015, the only thing that I did with full dedication was cycling around Islamabad, its beautiful hills and the surroundings. Mostly solo and at times with groups. A part from that and after much thought and reflection, I have come to this conclusion that most of my time was sucked using Facebook. I Couldn’t make anything out of using Facebook, it seem to me that this tools just waste your time. Yes I am being extremely blunt and may be negative about it. I do admit that many are making a living out of it and its a good tool of communication but comes with a huge price tag of ultimate time wastage.

My personal realization is that its not giving me anything good as of now. I was addicted to a virtual word. Something so unreal and fake. Being injected with shots of dopamine for every 5 seconds, leading most of us to another disease called narcissism. In November I publicly announced about quitting facebook.


I planned to stay way from Facebook forcefully for as long as one YEAR, the same goes with Instagram too. Later after few days I went a step ahead and deactivated my Facebook account. For how long? I have no idea, chances are might not come back even after a year, lets see what I am missing out.

After a month of not using both of these platforms, I felt a great change in my lifestyle, I am more focused, I waste less time online, actually I only use the computer when I need to get some important work done, since there is nothing to browse or scroll up and down to an over whelming amount of useless info daily and highlights of other people lives which has nothing of value to offer, my productivity has sky rocketed. I FELT ABSOLUTELY GREAT.

Back in 2013 Douglas Rushkoff wrote this article for CNN “Why I’m quitting Facebook” below is an excerpt from his article which I not only relate but endorse it and may be you would relate to it too.

Facebook does not exist to help us make friends, but to turn our network of connections, brand preferences and activities over time — our “social graphs” — into money for others.

We Facebook users have been building a treasure lode of big data that government and corporate researchers have been mining to predict and influence what we buy and for whom we vote. We have been handing over to them vast quantities of information about ourselves and our friends, loved ones and acquaintances. With this information, Facebook and the “big data” research firms purchasing their data predict still more things about us — from our future product purchases or sexual orientation to our likelihood for civil disobedience or even terrorism.

The true end users of Facebook are the marketers who want to reach and influence us. They are Facebook’s paying customers; we are the product. And we are its workers. The countless hours that we — and the young, particularly — spend on our profiles are the unpaid labor on which Facebook justifies its stock valuation.”

In the end I will like to conclude my battle against the “Curse of Facebook” in the very words of Douglas Rushkoff

“Maybe in doing (quitting facebook) so I’ll help people remember that Facebook is not the Internet. It’s just one website, and it comes with a price.”

Update 2018

I am till off of Facebook, I to be very honest I haven’t missed much, in fact have regain my focus when it comes to projects that requires online access. Anyway I’m here to share this image which is 101% true.