Welcome to my new website


Welcome to my new Website

It was just at the 2nd year of my design school (2006) when I bought my first domain to create my online portfolio website. I took every possible project that came my way, (and mostly worked for free or less than anyone can imagine), in order to have some thing in my portfolio.

I read a lot over the internet about Graphic Design, but never get to learned about the real meat and aspect of design, I knew there were thousands of tutorials showing how to create awesome effects but they wasn’t giving me any practical experience that i could use while designing and solving real life client problems.

I learned how to design by trial and error, experimenting on part time jobs that i had, sometimes with real life clients and discovering new techniques in practice. I had my “aha moments” during such projects, at those times i wasn’t aware of what i was doing and or if its the right thing or in accordance with rules of design.

Later, I started learning about the art of design (still i am learning) and found out that most of the things that i discovered was covered by Conventional Design rules. I could be a much better designer if i learned about it at the start of my academic training era, however thanks to all those clients, jobs and real life situations i realized that not every design technique or idea can be useful or applied when we come up with solutions for our clients.

We need new rules and techniques that will help us to do the job in hand better, as the old saying goes, we need new solutions to new problems.

So, what is this blog about?

In this new blog, I want to write about anything that I have found to be useful in my work, creativity, design, photography and my other interests like cycling, running and exploring mountains. I’ll also share and show you my work process and how I design, photograph and create things

Summing up

I still learn new things every day, You or may not agree what all I say and believe, so lets discuss and find new common grounds in order to learn more from each other. I hope we can take this new journey together and learn from each other as much as we can.

Welcome to My New Website.